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Star Wars and BSG Fics by Liz

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Name:Liz's Fanfiction
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Community description:Fanfic by padme_kenobi
Created to house all fanfiction written by [personal profile] padme_kenobi. I have multiple fic claims on LiveJournal and all will be archived here; see below for links to prompt tables and such. My AU longfic, To Ignite the Stars, also appears here (index post below), as do all the gift fics and other stuff I've written. Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica will be the main fandoms represented, with Obi-Wan/Padmé, Anakin/Padmé, Kara/Lee and Kara/Sam the main pairings featured.

ALL pairings and ratings will be clearly labeled, usually right in the title so you can scroll on past if you find something not to your liking. Feel free to join and/or friend, membership is open. Constructive criticism not only welcome but strongly encouraged! Random flames and pairing-based bashing are not, however, and will be rewarded with a ban.

And lastly, a word about my lovely beta reader, Katie. Besides being my best friend, Katie very kindly reads over all pieces before they're posted here, points out all the goofs and misspellings and other errors, and just genrally helps me to clean and polish my characterizations and words. I wouldn't be half the writer I am without her kind suggestions and, of course, her (virtual) red correcting pencil. Thanks, K.

Discussions about fandom, meta and other fun stuff can be found at [personal profile] padme_kenobi.

[NOTE: Bio is still under construction, as is the comm itself, so some links may go to LiveJournal rather than DW. I'll have it all fixed up ASAP.]

To Ignite the Stars Index Post
The Sound of One Hand Clapping Index Post
Insanity Underrated Index Post

Here's a nice little box I can copy and paste from when posting fics. ^_^

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